Red Door is canceled this morning due to weather! Stay warm and see you next week!

Serve the Church

Since volunteering in a community is a big part of belonging to that community, we have lots of ways for people to get involved. If Sunday gatherings are the “front door”, then volunteering is the “kitchen” where we not only eat, laugh and keep company, but also roll up our sleeves and help to make the meal.

Join the Team!

We have two primary volunteer teams you can get involved with. Volunteering is usually a simple once per month commitment, and you’ll receive all the training you need.

  • Red Door Kids: Red Door Kids is about engaging kids with creativity and joy, honoring the life and faith that is so evident in them. We desire to help our kids enter in to the timeless redemption story God is writing in their lives and around the world. Volunteers in Red Door Kids help make this possible by serving once per month in either our K-6 gathering, the Preschool area, or caring for babies and toddlers in the nursery. You don’t have to be experienced to get involved – you just have to love kids and be willing to have fun. Talk to Lucas Allen to get started.
  • The Prep Team: The Prep Team is a vital part of every Red Door gathering. Together, we prepare the way for our community to worship God and come together. Through simple acts of service such as setting up the auditorium or kids areas, making coffee, and saying hello to people as they arrive, we help create a space for God to slip in. To get involved with a once a month role on the Prep Team, email us!

In addition to serving the church, we hope to serve our city and love those around us. For information on how we care for Bloomington, click here.