Red Door is canceled this morning due to weather! Stay warm and see you next week!

Sunday Mornings

Join us at our new location at 1614 West 3rd Street (between Roly Poly and Pizza X)!
We gather each Sunday at 10:30AM.

About the Gathering

Each gathering is different, but common elements include worship through music, teaching and discussion of the stories of Scripture, and joining in with the ancient/current rhythms of the Church through communion and liturgy. We do our best to encounter God through both the ancient traditions that have been meaningful for generations of Christians, and also by leaning in to the dynamic movement of God at work today.

All are welcome, and welcomed as you are, who you are, no matter where you are. We’re extremely casual and do our best to be friendly. You’ll find plenty of parking, strong coffee, and donuts waiting for you. We’d love it if you joined us. For more information on our Sunday gatherings, keep reading. Or for directions, click here.


Most Sunday gatherings include a time of teaching from Scripture. We recognize that the Christian life doesn’t just happen – it requires participation and growth, and challenges us to remain open to surrender.

We have a rotating teaching team, and what we talk about is shaped by the rhythm of the historical Church calendar. This gives purpose and direction to each teaching, as we trace God’s acts from creation to the arriving Kingdom of heaven. The teaching time sets up the responsive worship and prayer that follows.


Singing together is one of the ways we worship when we are gathered. We primarily sing to God, praising him and celebrating the truth of who he is. But our music has multiple purposes: it’s another way to pray, it’s instructional, it provides comfort, we can express sorrow and pain, it provides “space” for us to commune with God, and it’s fun. Our songs are an expression of our faith that we can engage in together as we’re gathered.

We sing songs (old and new) that are sung in churches all over as well as lesser-known songs, both from within our congregation and from other artists in their local congregations. We want to sing songs that stir the soul and move the life.

Kids + Nursery

We believe that Children are vitally important to the life and health of the church! Our goal at Red Door is to engage children creatively and uniquely, while teaching them biblical truth, in a way that communicates their vital role in God’s family. Most weeks, the kids have their own space and time together, while the adults gather upstairs.

Babies, toddlers and pre-school kids under 5 years old will have separate areas prepared just for them. When you arrive at Red Door you’ll be able to check your kid in to our children’s area where they will be cared for by loving adults who have been trained to work with them.

For more information on Red Door Kids, click here.

Just the Beginning

Sunday morning gatherings are just the beginning of the spiritual life of Red Door. We also gather in small groups and community events, and meet together to serve the city.