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Red Door Kids

Red Door Kids is about engaging kids with creativity and joy, honoring the life and faith that is so evident in them. We desire to help our kids enter in to the timeless redemption story God is writing in their lives and around the world. We believe that children are vital members in a church. After all, Jesus adored kids and was the first to welcome them. He even said that we must become more like them if we want to start understanding what God’s Kingdom is all about!

Our goal is to create opportunities for children and families to grow in relationship with Jesus and know him as the refuge and pathway for their lives. With intentionality and care, we lovingly introduce children to life with God. Hearing Bible stories is important and will happen here, but we also want kids to pray with one another, to learn healthy views of God, and to try their hand at meaningful spiritual practices from a young age. We also realize that kids need time to be kids – to have fun, run around, play games, create crafts, and form friendships with each other.


Most weeks, Kindergarten – 6th Grade kids will join with the adults in the main worship gathering. After the opening music, they’ll be released to follow the K-6 teacher and participate in a variety of creative stations by specially trained volunteers. There will be singing, dancing, activities, games, stories, and prayer. Kids will have a chance to work on creative projects together where they can express the things they have learned to the rest of the community.  Through it all, our hope is that each child will discover what it means to have a meaningful relationship with our Great Creator!

On the 4th Sunday of each month, K-6 kids will stay in the adult gathering for “Family Sunday.” On these days, kids will be provided with a Red Door Kids’ Pack which will have activities related to that Sunday’s worship theme.

To ensure the safety of children, all volunteers in Red Door Kids are background checked and specially trained. If you’d prefer, you’re always welcome to keep your children with you

Babies & Preschool

Babies, toddlers and preschool children always have a special space created just for them during our gatherings. The nursery room (0-2 years old) is located to the left of the gathering space, just a few steps into the hallway. The preschool room is directly behind the chairs of the main area (2-5 years – Pre-Kindergarten). Parents can check their children in at the door of each of the classrooms. A caring and trained volunteer will meet you to receive your child and answer any questions you may have.

kids-nurseryWe take great care to prepare our nursery and preschool room to be the best environment for your children, with age appropriate toys and opportunities to interact with others. As we hold babies, we pray with them to know God’s goodness and truth, and to receive all that he has for their lives. Preschool children will have the same teacher for a month at a time, with a curriculum revolving around God’s good story. We teach the simplicity of the great news of life with God through a variety of stories, crafts, songs, and other activities. Through it all, our hope is that each child will discover what it means to have a meaningful relationship with our Great Creator!

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Beyond Sunday gatherings, we realize that kids need time to be kids… We do our best to have frequent opportunities for kids to play together outside of Sundays. For more info on Red Door Kids, email Lucas Allen.