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Red Door is a part of the Vineyard association of churches.

These are the core values of Vineyard Churches, and they help shape our church community:

  • Theology & Practice of the Kingdom of God: Our theology is based around who God is, what he does and what he wants (a King and his Kingdom). Our practice is to pursue God’s present kingdom (love, reconciliation, healing, justice, truth, virtue) which was ushered in by Jesus and is sustained by the Holy Spirit. We join God in bringing about his desires and actively await the full and final coming of his kingdom.
  • Experiencing God: Faith in the Triune God is not a set of ‘beliefs’ nor a code of conduct. It is knowing God, which means more than just head-knowledge (or heart knowledge for that matter). It is experience. It is moving closer into relationship through trust, reliance, dialog, intimacy and pursuit. People experience God in different ways and there is always more of God for us to experience.
  • Culturally Relevant Mission: We seek to influence Bloomington for the Kingdom in a relevant way. This means speaking a language our city understands, not simply copying the externals of the culture. Relevance is not “What will they/we accept?” but “What is God saying to them/us?” It’s celebrating what is of value in our culture and counter-culturally pushing against its weaknesses.
  • Reconciling Community: Our hope in ministry is to see people reconciled to God, made whole in whom they were created to be and in right relationship with each other. Reconciliation speaks of even accounts, not in a rigid or legalistic sense, but that our understanding lines up with the truth of what God says about us and others.
  • Compassionate Ministry: Jesus was compelled to minister to people because he was “moved with compassion.” When ministry is done out of a heart for the recipients of the ministry (above our desires to have a certain type of ministry or a sense of duty), we share in the heart of God for the hurting, poor, lonely. Jesus said that he only did “what he saw the Father doing.” We must be intentional to seek God’s leading and to whom he is opening doors of opportunity to serve, leaning first toward “the least of these.”

Learn more at the Vineyard USA web site.

Spiritual Formation & Direction

Like it or not, we’re all being “formed” into the image of whatever we pursue the most. At Red Door, we think the goal of the Christian life is to simply become more like Jesus. We want to intentionally create a variety of pathways that help us learn, embrace, and surrender to the Holy Spirit. As he forms the innermost parts of our beings, we become people who are increasingly healed and whole, and able to “pass that wholeness on” to the broken places in the world all around us.

apTo that end, we highly value and recommend consistent engagement with of soul care, counseling, and spiritual direction. Having others who we can share our struggles with is often one of the most helpful pathways to growing in the Christian life. Here are a few resources we recommend:

  • New Day InitiativeNew Day Initiative is led by Kimberley Knochel, a nationally known pastoral counselor and consultant. Kimberley has been a long-time friend of Red Door, and works with many members of our community to pursue greater wholeness in Christ.
  • CenterQuestRed Door is an Affiliate Partner of CenterQuest, an international resource for Spiritual Direction. CenterQuest can help you locate a spiritual director, has many helpful resources on spiritual formation, and even has a School of Spiritual Direction for those who feel a vocational call to walk alongside others in their journey with Jesus.