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Red Door Church is led by a shared group of pastors.

Jesus is always the head of the Church, both globally and locally. We also believe there is a vital and meaningful role played by those who serve in leadership as “under-shepherds” to pastor and care for the church.

We chose a shared leadership model because, best we can tell, it was the model that was set up in the vast majority of New Testament churches. It’s not always easy or efficient to lead a church this way. Even though we each have different personalities and opinions, and it often takes time to arrive at consensus. Even so, we have found that our combined efforts seem to be shaped by Jesus more than our own perspectives, helping us keep the community formed around what matters the most. Within our shared leadership, each pastor at Red Door still maintains specific, unique responsibilities and roles.

Red Door Pastors

View More:, Eva, Wolfe, Judah & Willa Allen

Born in the Centennial State during the nation’s Bicentennial celebration, Lucas made his way to southern Indiana as a youngster, and has been a Bloomington resident ever since the days Wang Chung and Rick Astley dominated the charts. Lucas completed his undergrad in Biblical Studies at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN where he met and married the lovely Eva. After graduation, Lucas & Eva returned to Bloomington and started a family. They love their small city and all it has to offer, especially the people who inhabit it.

Lucas and Eva are the owners of Allen Design, creating custom carpentry, murals, and design solutions for individuals and businesses. Lucas loves to make music, read and spend down time with his family and friends. Eva loves to pray with people, paint, and play sports.

Red Door Leadership:

  • Lucas: Worship + Arts, Family Ministry (Kids/Youth), Community

Favorite Albums: A Liturgy, a Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band (Rich Mullins), The Medicine (John Mark McMillan), Eat A Peach (The Allman Brothers)

Influential Books: Ragamuffin Gospel (Brennan Manning), How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive for the Complete Idiot (John Muir), A History of the World in Six Glasses (Tom Standage), and anything by Frederick Buechner

At a coffee shop you order: Whatever’s bold & bitter (same thing at a pub)

Something Interesting: My friends & I once made the news for a caving incident that didn’t go so well…

Giff, Lilly, Quincy, Abraham & Nouwen Reed

Giff was born in Bloomington Hospital on December 19, 1982 and has lived in Bloomington most of his life. After high school he moved to Colorado Springs, CO to pursue a career as an Olympic Weightlifter and during his 7+ years there earned his Bachelors degree at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, majoring in Philosophy. Upon moving back to Bloomington in early 2008, Giff met his beautiful wife Lilly and started a college ministry called theCanvas. He also received a Masters degree in Spiritual Formation and Leadership from Spring Arbor University. He now works on the Indiana University Campus at the Career Development Center.

Lilly grew up in New Palestine, IN. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Recreation and Resource Management at Indiana University and loves teaching kids to have a wonder and love for creation. She now spends her time chasing two wild boys, cooking (a lot) for said boys, coordinating dance parties, and fermenting various sundries.

Giff and Lilly welcomed their son George Reed V (Quincy) into the world on Giff’s birthday in 2011, their second son Abraham (Abe) in the fall of 2013. Nouwen was born in March of 2016. They love their life together, the people they go through it with, and the town where they get to live it.

Red Door Leadership:

  • Giff: Gatherings + Teaching, Spiritual Direction

Shaping Albums: Who We Are Instead (Jars of Clay), I See Things Upside Down (Derek Webb)

Influential Books: Simply Christian (NT Wright), The Weight of Glory (C.S. Lewis), The Selfless Way of Christ, (Henri Nouwen), The Bible Made Impossible, (Christian Smith)

At a coffee shop you order: Black coffee in various sizes, depending on his mood.

Something Interesting: Giff has won every national title in Olympic Weightlifting at least once – and now is about as weak as water.