Red Door is canceled this morning due to weather! Stay warm and see you next week!

Who We Are

We are a community of people who love Jesus and want to be a part of the good that he is up to in Bloomington. We believe our lives are full of meaning and purpose, and that we are loved deeply by a Creator who is utterly for us and always with us.

Even so, the Christian life does not always come naturally. Because of this, we intentionally gather together with the hope that we will remain awake to God’s activity in our lives. The goal is formation – even transformation – our lives increasingly shaped into the image of Christ.

As we become more like Jesus, we believe we will not only find bravery to admit our brokenness to each other, but even better, we expect to find real healing and wholeness in every aspect of our lives. Then as we are changed, we hope to bring change. We are drawn inward then sent outward, into a world that does not yet fully know how beautiful God’s story really is.

We hope you join us.