Red Door is canceled this morning due to weather! Stay warm and see you next week!

About Red Door

Red Door Church is a community of people celebrating God as our refuge and pathway.

Our hope is to be a church community that is heartfelt, hopeful, and honest. As we share the ups & downs of life together, we desire to become more like Jesus by loving our neighbors well. We believe the Kingdom of God is intersecting earth, and with it comes tangible wholeness, justice, and peace. We seek to live “good news” wherever we go, playing a part as God sets all things right.

Why Red Door?

Throughout history red doors have been used to symbolically represent places of refuge and shelter for those in need of rescue. To this day – if you look around – you’ll find that many old church buildings have their doors painted red.

In medieval times, Red doors served as vibrant signs of sanctuary for those who were on the run, desperate to find a safe place from a past that haunted them. As markers of hope, red doors have symbolically stood as signposts for weary travelers who needed homes of welcome to refresh themselves and rest. In European cultures, homeowners would paint their doors red to symbolize that they had paid off the debt on their homes. Later in history, Red doors were tied to the Underground Railroad, indicating places where those running from their would-be-enslavers could find safety on the road to liberation.

It’s even been said that Albert Einstein painted his door red because without it, he couldn’t remember which house was his! The red door helped him find home.

We believe that all of these ideas (and more) are what we are called to be as Red Door Church. As a place of refuge and pathway, we want to be the type of faith community that puts flesh on these symbols. We pray that you will experience sanctuary, safety, welcome, rest, refreshment, restoration, safety, and hope at Red Door and, upon entering, are led to Jesus who paid our debt in full and shows us the way home.

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We know it can be tough to find a church. We’ll do our best to be welcoming without overwhelming. As a diverse group of people held together by Jesus, we think you’ll find people with whom you have in much in common. Collectively, we’re a contemporary, evangelical, missional, contemplative, charismatic, liturgical, modern, ancient church – in other words, we’re doing our best to grab on to all we see in Jesus, no matter what words we may use to describe it. You can learn more by following the links below.