Red Door is canceled this morning due to weather! Stay warm and see you next week!

A Church in Bloomington.

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Red Door is a church community in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. We gather together to celebrate God as our refuge and pathway, while living in to the good news that God is at work to set all things right.

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Fairview Carnivals 2014-2015

On Friday, May 15 Red Door hosted the final Fairview Carnival.  We definitely ended with a bang!  Magic, clowning, face painting, games, prizes, more games, more prizes, and tons of laughs and giggles!  It was lots of work and lots of little things that brought the whole thing together.  The biggest of all were the […]

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Sunday Mornings

For the summer months, we're gathering in house churches. For details, click here. We'll resume gatherings at Fairview in the fall.

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